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The house is officially up for sale.
What’s my new studio going to look like? It reminds me of when I was pregnant with my son. What color eyes will he have? Will he be tall? What will be his special gifts?
The knowns I’m going to a one bedroom apartment on a lake. I want to make sure wherever I do most of my work I’ll have a view of the lake. There’s a small dining room that flows into the living area. On Pinterest I saw a living room that was basically a studio with bookshelves and filing cabinets around the walls and the couch and nice chairs in the center of the room.

I’ve been here 14 years. I had my drawing table in the family room because I liked to be around people when I work. When we moved here I thought the studio would primarily be in the basement. I kept supplies down there, but the cupboards were too narrow for big paper and the long haired cat used the art cupboards as his bed. Before 2010ish, I worked big and did some pieces down there and airbrushing. The last couple of years I was drawing and coloring primarily on the couch on pieces of heavy cardboard with paper clipped using orange and purple chip clips. I have smaller happy face clips in florescent colors.

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