Started Work on Website in the Summer


I’ve started to work on the website again.  I am going to a new website. The learning curve is very high for me right now and I am not going fast at all. I will need to keep this old website up for awhile.



Got Stuck on Proofreading…

I stopped working on the rehaul of my website last Spring. Meanwhile growing, healing, figuring out how I can SHARE and inspire you who came to my website.

For now:

I keep up with business page:

There’s my book, available at:

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Art on this website is for sale.

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Screens for Commission

I am commissioning these screens. I will paint in colors you choose and base the design ideas on a conversation we would have. More information will be on my website store that will be online in March. The screens start at $850.

Where I’m At…

Jan 15, 2018 – Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Week 2 of Full-Time at D’s Home Studio. Feel so good about it…
This is on my refrigerator. It makes me laugh. From “Story of an Artist” by Daniel Johnston. The version I like, M. Ward sings.
“Listen up & I’ll tell a story
About an artist growing old
Some would try for fame and glory
Others aren’t so bold

And everyone in friends and family
Sayin’ ‘hey go get a job
Why do you only do that only
Why are you so odd?’

‘And we don’t really like what you do
We don’t think anyone ever will
We think you you have a problem
And this problem’s made you ill’…”

The first day of 2018.


My word for this holiday season has been peace.
“Do not be anxious about anything
But in every situation by thoughts
with Thanksgiving
And Peace of Nature
which transcends all understanding.
These will comfort your hearts and minds.”

Spiritual version of Philippians 4:6-7

Time to Go to Art Full-time!

This last Thursday morning I signed early retirement papers. One more change in a year of changes. I’m so grateful that my friends and family haven’t changed and in some cases we’ve gotten closer.
Leaving the library will give me more time to follow the creative ideas I have for Debbie’s Home Studio. My last working day will be January 6, Epiphany for 2018.
I’ve worked in libraries since 1985. I am proud to work in one of society’s few institutions that allows everybody to use the bathroom. I ‘m glad I came to Grand Rapids over 23 years ago. I so love beautiful Michigan and feel at home here. I survived the renovation to GR’s Ryerson Library that reopened in 2003. They did a a good job before the economy tanked a little bit. I survived the lay-offs and massive restructuring of the downtown library a few years ago. It’s been time for me to go and it’s worked out that now I can.

New Studio

Pictures of the new studio. Finally can post my new environment
I am going to use the drawing table, so I can sit at it and know that I’m dedicating myself to “creating art” time. Most of the time though I prefer drawing on the bed and couch. Busy, busy, busy. Many changes. I’m glad to have the apartment set up. I didn’t like tripping over stuff. It’s nice to have more time to create and draw.

When Are You Procrastinating?

Do you meet your deadlines and obligations?
If no, this article will not help you. You probably do have a problem with procrastination.
If yes, you and I have a problem knowing when to push ourselves to do a task and when to let go and rest.
If something is scheduled or I said I would do something at a certain time, I have to make contact. Make arrangements for another time. For things I’m not sure of, I’m practicing saying “I may be able to do that,” “I’m thinking about it,” or “I’ll get back to you” instead of making a firm commitment.
Sometimes I refuse to do something. If you’re not going to do it. You’re not.
Beating yourself with a belt isn’t going to make you do it.
Last night after I pushed myself to work on my new phone. I wasn’t happy with the progress I made, but that’s all I could do. I was willing to listen to a podcast on organizing, which was on my list. I hadn’t done it yet, so I went for it.
Meditation is a good thing. If you’re not going to do something, meditate. I meditated on the deep, penetrating, glowing blue of twilight. Usually a good night’s sleep returns me to a state I’m more comfortable with.
If you’re in pea soup or anchored to the couch in grayness, you have to ask for help. This is not procrastination; it is mental illness. 10/2/17

Words: Reformation, Renewed, Faith, Grace…

I just got notice that these 2 pieces were accepted in a 6 Church “Reformation Art Show: Renewed in Word, Faith, and Grace” in Grand Rapids, MI. ArtPrize is going on at the same time and will end right after the pieces will start to be exhibited. My art is going to be shown at Faith Lutheran Church, right by my house. I am looking for a church home. I converted to Catholicism in 1996, but stopped going to the Catholic church 2 years ago. I was brought up Presbyterian, so this might be a good “fit” for me. I will go to their service and see what my heart thinks. If you have followed this blog or any of my social media, you will know how much I love words. I’m taking all the words involved in this show to mean something significant.