Embracing the word Embrace

Word for the week – EMBRACE

What have you disliked about yourself that you now like? Embrace it!!!
After last week’s retreat at a Franciscan center, I’ve been more aware and intentional of my prayer and meditation practice, which was a good one pre-retreat. I always need to remember to not take anything for granted.
Last Summer I embraced the flower style I used in elementary school that I never thought was any good. Next I’ve always thought my thighs were too big. When I saw Beyonce strutting around with her BIG thighs majorly accented, I thought well maybe mine aren‘t that bad. When my dance teacher said I had beautiful thighs, I was able to embrace them after 54 years. Last Friday night at the retreat, I didn’t know anybody very well. My friend didn’t come until Saturday morning, 40 minutes late. On Sunday morning, people shared that I was like 2 different people. They told me I was closed up Friday night and by Sunday morning I was loosey goosey. I don’t think they meant this as a mean thing. But I felt like the weird, shy girl with trust issues, So I am embracing the weird, shy girl with trust issues in new situations.

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