The End of Lent, 2017

And so we came to the end of Lent for 2017 last night on Holy Thursday.

The last stations are attached. If you want to see all of them go to:

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I’ll throw out some thoughts about Holy Thursday: Garden of Gethsemane. The Last Supper. Bringing the host down to the meeting room that is decorated all funeral-ly. The Priest wears this elaborate white thing, kind of like a short cloak and shrouds the vessel where the host is. We go clomping down the stairs hoping nobody falls. Is the Priest nervous that he’ll drop the host? [Since I’m kinda blasphemous anyway, I’m going to say that my husband calls it the cookie.] The choir follows singing an ancient chant. In the meeting room, the energy is very solemn like the cookie died. The heavy incense is used, which in our church just happens during Holy Week. One year the fire alarm went off.
For the Good Friday Mass the church is totally devoid of decoration. The host isn’t there. Remember it’s down in the meeting room. When Mass starts, they get one of the high school football players in the Parish, who is there, to carry the big wooden cross in the procession. He fumbles with something to make the cross stand in front of the altar. The priest comes last and he prostrates himself in front of the cross for about a minute. It’s so dramatic. (Hard to describe – I get the goosies?) Readings are read. Then instead of communion, we kiss the cross.
Saturday night Easter Vigil is one of my favorite masses. It’s real long though. Except they have lots to eat after we’re done. Stay tuned tomorrow. The picture I’m working on is in color!!!

The study statement for the thirteenth station is “Grant us trust in you that when our time on earth is ended our spirits may come to you without delay.”
We’re afraid of a lot of things, depending on your economic status, race, age, and whatever you’re going through that is painful.
Death will happen. We make our own choices on how we are going to handle this. I want to die in peace. I get peace through my faith. I hope those I love will be around me.

I prioritize my bucket list like I’m going to die today. When I don’t die, I get to add more adventures to it and the day to day routine…

The statement for the fourteenth station is “Grant us your compassion that we may always provide for those in need.” I always worry that I’m not doing enough for those in need. As I get older I realize that it’s ok to have experiences and possessions that cost money. Ten percent of income for tithing is a good start. But taxes and all the other expenses that go to others and the upkeep of our society and economy counts.
What about all the gifts and expenses of holidays, celebrations, and needs of friends and family? I also didn’t count this as tithing, but my financial/stock guy says we spend a lot on this. And is an area, we can look at for budgeting.
I hope it doesn’t always have to be about money. Does smiling, being kind, caring, responsive, listening, picking up the trash count?
If you are still reading, HAPPY SPRING!!! Big hugs. And it would be fun if you posted, so we could have a conversation.


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