Time to Go to Art Full-time!

This last Thursday morning I signed early retirement papers. One more change in a year of changes. I’m so grateful that my friends and family haven’t changed and in some cases we’ve gotten closer.
Leaving the library will give me more time to follow the creative ideas I have for Debbie’s Home Studio. My last working day will be January 6, Epiphany for 2018.
I’ve worked in libraries since 1985. I am proud to work in one of society’s few institutions that allows everybody to use the bathroom. I ‘m glad I came to Grand Rapids over 23 years ago. I so love beautiful Michigan and feel at home here. I survived the renovation to GR’s Ryerson Library that reopened in 2003. They did a a good job before the economy tanked a little bit. I survived the lay-offs and massive restructuring of the downtown library a few years ago. It’s been time for me to go and it’s worked out that now I can.

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